In this episode I continue the discussion on some of the most important toxins to avoid in your daily life. This podcast continues on from “Toxicity and Top 6 Chemicals in Food to Stay Away From” posted on April 24th, 2017, which can be found right here.

Show Details:

1:00 – Facebook Live With Dr. Jay Every Tuesday At 6pm PST
1:42 – Drainage Vs Detox
4:20 – Dr. Jay’s Book: 5 Steps To Restoring Health Protocol
4:35 – Top Toxins to Avoid- “cide’s”
8:15 – Top Toxins to Avoid- tap water without filtration
12:10 – Berkey water filter
13:06 – Top Toxins to Avoid- Dishwater Detergent
15:30 – Top Toxins to Avoid- Laundry Detergent
15:55 – Pinstripes and Polkadots
16:48 – Air Quality
20:00 – Personal Care Products
21:40 – Dry Cleaning
23:00 – Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies
24:50 – Sign up now for 5 free talks from the experts on detoxification:



  1. I have opted to buy mountain valley spring water (from Arkansas) in 2.5 gallon glass jugs. The water is amazing. They sell it locally. We just go and pick it up. They sell this brand in Whole Foods but in a small green bottle. Probably a liter. Delicious water.

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