Join me today as I interview Ashley James about stopping anxiety in its tracks–techniques you can try from home when you’re feeling panicky. These techniques are absolutely free and easy, involving visualization and actively shifting your belief systems. We also cover generational trauma, root causes, how memory is linked to DNA and acquired trauma, and more.

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00:01:43: About Ashley’s background: health history

00:08:33: Timeline Therapy and NLP

00:09:31: Holographic Universe

00:11:44: Unconscious mind storing root causes and beliefs

00:16:30: Memory’s role in DNA

00:18:22: Generational traumas

00:20:03: Root causes and mineral deficiencies

00:22:11: Parasympathetic vs. fight or flight

00:26:19: Celebrating anxiety

00:29:04: Avoiding worst-case scenarios

00:29:46: Live example to stop anxiety

00:33:10: Focus on what you want

00:38:12: Fifteen minutes past successful completion technique

00:40:58: Target fixation

00:44:59: Finding your tribe and community

00:46:23: Reticular activating system technique

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