Join me as I talk with Prolotherapy & Plasma Rich Platelet expert Dr. Tyna Moore about the benefits of prolotherapy and PRP Injections. We also walk through how to prepare for an injection, which body parts are best for rebuilding with PRP injections, and my own experience in receiving PRP.

Want to see my personal experience at Dr. Tyna’s office? Scroll down to see but be warned – this video contains needles and blood.

Show Details:

1:58 – Why a strong butt is important
2:50 – What is regenerative injection therapy?
5:50 – How do you do hydrotherapy?
6:02 – Prolotherapy technique
8:05 – Find a Prolotherapy doctor in your area
9:04 – What is PRP?
12:20 – Preparing for injection therapy
17:10 – Why a strong butt is important podcast
17:20 – Take-homes of injection therapy
20:45 – How many injections do you need?
23:30 – My experience with injections
26:20 – Using ultrasound to see damage
29:54 – Body parts that can be repaired with injections
34:56 – PRP takes time to “rebuild” tissue
39:10 –
39:58 –

Warning – this video contains graphic images including needles and blood.

This video is from my third Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) treatment to my left knee with Dr. Tyna Moore in Portland, Oregon.