Join me today as I interview Dr. Nick Ellenson about the biohacking, data-collecting wearable, the Oura Ring. We cover sleep tracking, heart rate variability, readiness score, respiratory metrics, and how to use the device for running and fitness, too. With biohacking wearables like the Apple watch and others, EMFs and Bluetooth emissions can be a concern, but Dr. Nick shares an easy Oura Ring hack to cut way down on those hazards.

Do you use any data-collecting metrics in your daily life? Is the Oura Ring something you would use? Let me know in the comments.

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00:02:26: Overview of Oura Ring

00:04:23: What type of data does the ring collect?

00:06:06: Using Oura Ring for running training

00:08:26: Other wearables to collect metrics

00:08:55: Sleep tracking: REM, deep sleep, bedtime

00:15:21: How to put the ring in airplane mode

00:17:19: EMF or WiFi concerns?

00:18:04: Daily readiness score

00:19:43: Meal timing for better sleep

00:21:09: Blueblocking glasses

00:21:26: Liposomal melatonin brand

00:24:20: Oura Ring app and charging

00:25:21: Mindfulness about turning off Bluetooth

00:27:57: Liposomal melatonin dosing

00:31:25: Back to the basics of getting better sleep

00:32:45: Work with Dr. Nick directly as your coach


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  1. Great Podcast again, Sleep is an area we all need to constantly review, all the factors involved to enhance sleep need to be considered. Knowing EMF worsens infections, decreases sleep efficiency, is a helpful tip. The Oura ring has many advantages and a few negatives, but well covered in how to manage these, with this podcast. Dr J, please review the Blushield devices, as aircrew, I have been experimenting with the Blushield Disk and have noticeable improvements in my fatigue, sleep and healing old injuries, with good success. Thanks to you and Dr Nick for this podcast.

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