In today’s podcast, I break down my definition of drinking mainstream media’s Kool-Aid–not just in the health and wellness space, but across the board. I truly believe there is an awakening happening, where we’re ready to question everything we’ve been told we “should do”: supplements, diet, college and career path, exercise, buying a home, our banking system, health insurance, gluten, sunscreen, and so much more.

Have we been brainwashed or lied to our entire lives?


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9:30: Hurricane Media Coverage Fact Check:

11:29: Hurricane Clip:

12:58: Behind-the-scenes History of Weather Modification:

14:25: What is Thermite?:

20:45: Mammograms vs. Thermograms and Female Health

22:05: Fish oil, Probiotics, and Vitamin D?

24:30: Time to Question Things!

27:46: Google and Apple Don’t Require College Degree:

28:32 Keto, Paleo, Raw Vegan? Low-Carb Research:

30:30: Is There a Perfect Diet?

31:20: Can You Exercise Too Much?:

34:00: Housing Market Slows Down:

35:11: Housing Market Slows Down:

36:49: Silicon Valley Could Be Invading Your Privacy:

37:16: Social Media Censorship

38:28: Retirement: Being Put Out to Pasture? 

39:20: Fractional-Reserve Banking:

41:28: Creature from Jekyll Island Book: Federal Reserve:

45:09: Currency Crises

45:25: Is This Time Different for the Dollar? Fiat Currency:

48:30: Vaccines, Childhood Cancer, Allergies, Baby Wellness

49:31: Debt-Based System

50:00: Global Financial System Unraveling:

51:58: Warren Buffett Insurance Scandal:

52:20: Buffett Sells Family Silver:

53:12: Monsanto Lawsuit:

53:36: Monsanto Trial:

54:46: Pesticide Linked to Autism:

54:36: Maternal Insecticide and Autism:

56:04: Flesh-Eating Bacteria?

57:56: Figure Out What’s Going to Make You Happy

59:05: Is Health Insurance Necessary? Is gluten is toxic?

1:00:56: Fixing Injuries (Energy Medicine, Prolotherapy, PRP, Stem Cell)

1:02:06: 1/5 of meat samples contain unidentified animal DNA:

1:02:49: Ancient Romans and Parasites:

1:03:22: Parasites/Hookworms from a Church Trip:

1:04:01: A Parasite with “High” Side Effects:

1:04:44: New Neuron Discovery in Human Brain:


Books Mentioned

Creature from Jekyll Island Book: Federal Reserve:

Economic Hitman book  &

Health Insurances

Liberty –

Medi-share –

Samaritan ministries –


What are your thoughts: Are we brainwashed by mainstream media? Is this content too “out there” for you, or do you agree that we need to start questioning everything we’ve been told (from our healthcare, to our diet, finances, banking systems, and more). Let me know in the comments–I’d really love to hear from you on this. I always strive to make content you’re interested in!

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Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer Interview on Economic Collapse and Ethics



  1. Superb video on mainstream! I remember when I first read The Creature from Jekyll island- and learned the truth about the Fed and our banking system- shocked and angered. Real estate and stocks hugely overvalued.Margin accounts much higher than 2008- so crash will be even steeper. Derivative risk by banks higher than 2008. Trying to remove any significant amount of cash from your own account is a challenge even in normal times. I look at political parties as similar to scripted pro wrestlers where we angrily cheer for one side- but alll is a show. Look at how far we have drifted from our founders vision.

  2. Thank you so much, Jay, for this great podcast! So glad to know you are so awake and that you are sharing and contributing to the awakening of others. One of these days there will be a major tipping point back to sanity; I pray sooner rather than later.

  3. I observe < … that there are many more that are 'thinking' along the way Dr Jay is. You can only hope that we will fill our brain with
    worthwhile things so that when you do 'think' and 'analyze' and 'finally decide' what is 'really real…' that it really is. This clearly shows that if we have this capacity to
    think or reason things out, the one who designed us meant for us to have the ability to 'ask'. It there is a question to ask, that means there is a real answer.

  4. It is so nice to know that I am not the only one questioning this stuff. When I talk to people about these issues I really feel alone. Keep up the great work!

  5. Excellent and bold commentary Dr. Jay. A lot of us feel this way we just don’t beat our chests and preach it to the world. I keep hoping that all the ‘outside the box’ thinkers prevail in the end.

  6. Dr. D: THANK YOU for RED PILLING the audience (if I may use a reference from The Matrix). You covered a lot of ground and each topic deserves its own video. People are truly thirsting for the truth. We see so many strange realities around us and are starting to connect the dots. Anyone can look up stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) on Wikipedia. I’ve seen Brennan talk about it on video. It is done for “solar radiation management” to “cool the earth”. The mere expression “solar radiation management” sounds a bit crazy on its face. Dr. Deitrich Klinghardt talks a lot about aerosolized aluminum. Some people may say you’re being a bit “Alex Jonesy”, but in fact you are absolutely making tons of sense. Keep up the great work.

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