In today’s podcast, I interview Dr. Bret Scher about a heart-healthy diet and lifestyle. We’re covering much more than diet–we’re busting myths about stents, fat phobia, dairy, and other lifestyle choices as they relate to strengthening your heart and keeping it beating. Ever wondered about the best fats to eat and cook with, if eating keto is good for your heart, or the lowdown on fasting mimicking diets? The Low Carb Cardiologist gives his take on this and so much more in this brand new podcast.

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00:02:13: Dr. Scher’s background in medicine

00:05:31: Heart attacks and stents

00:08:14: Collateral vessels

00:10:32: Is the heart a pump?

00:11:50: Low carb diet for heart health

00:14:49: Is the ketogenic diet good for your heart?

00:18:26: Tiered diet approach: above ground veggies, starchy veggies, and more

00:21:18: mTOR, autophagy, and when to eat protein and carbs

00:25:12: Dairy and parasites

00:25:54: Fasting mimicking diet and water fasting

00:27:13: Worst way to spread meals throughout the day

00:29:00: Do low carb diets cause mortality?

00:30:20: Busting diet myths: low fat, high carb

00:35:06: Eating fresh and local

00:36:52: Butter, olive oil, and other fats

00:38:56: Cardiorespiratory fitness, resistance training, and stress management

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