Join me (Dr. Jay Davidson) as I interview former Mr. America, Dr. Chris Zaino, about his own struggles with ulcerative colitis and how he focuses his mindset on creating habits to help you live a winning lifestyle.

Show Details:

1:38 – Dr. Zaino’s Journey
2:30 – Building Principles, Systems & Habits to Live a “Winning” Lifestyle
4:45 – Creating Micro “Wins” with Habits
6:18 – Fears Holding us Back
12:25 – How to Neutralize Fears
16:30 – “Fears” vs “Fogs”
19:40 – Courage
23:40 – Dr. Zaino’s Story: I am Hero Project
32:20 – Living your Purpose
37:45 – Dr. Zaino’s Definition of a “Secret Identity”
40:45 – Giving Yourself Permission
45:45 – We are all Heroes
To Find More on Dr. Zaino:

[Link to Dr. Zaino’s previous interview:]


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