In today’s podcast, I interview Dr. Michelle Sands about a much-anticipated topic in the chronic illness realm: hormones. We’re covering why so many people with chronic illness also have unbalanced hormones, natural ways to boost testosterone, and a transdermal supplement for strong bones, muscles, sex drive, and energy. There are some brand new and exciting developments in the homeopathy world for hormones, and I share my experience trying it for the first month. If you deal with off-kilter hormones, estrogen, testosterone, and thyroid, be sure to listen to this new podcast!

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00:01:32: Dr. Michelle’s background with celiac, Hashimoto’s chronic illness, and infertility

00:13:03: What to do alongside or before Hormone Replacement Therapy, and hormones and chronic illness

00:016:36: High sex hormone binding globulin causes

00:19:00: Why men need to detox to have a healthy baby

00:22:41: Bioidentical hormones, synthetic, or HRT?

00:24:15: How to administer hormones: capsule, liquid, topical, skin pellets

00:26:31: Hormone dosing with your cycle

00:27:33: The gut, thyroid, and chronic illness connection

00:29:31: Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone

00:30:30: Supplements to boost testosterone naturally

00:31:49: Epigenetics and supplements

00:33:28: There is no miracle cure or supplement and diminishing returns

00:37:37: Transdermal Human Growth Hormone for strong muscles, bones, and energy

00:42:57: Homeopathy and homeopathic prophylaxis vaccinations

00:44:42: Dosing Homeopathic HGH and what to expect

00:47:54: Cost of hormone therapy and HGH

00:49:10: Homeopathic HGH ingredients: the good and bad

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  1. Thanks for pointing out the negative impacts of the hormonal imbalance on the health of a person. The deficiency of certain types of hormones might trigger several health-related disorders. It might trigger osteoporosis or even Alzheimer’s disease. Menopause triggers hormonal imbalance and a person suffering from such a condition should take prescribed hormonal supplements or should undergo BHRT.

  2. 1/10/20 The hGh supplement ingredients have changed slightly to Somatropin instead of HGH which is stated to be “a protein that is manufactured to be NEARLY identical to the main form of the naturally occurring growth hormone”

    Do you think this is still a good product since it’s no longer natural HGH?

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