Today I discuss the topic of digestion and tips on how you can heal your gut and keep it healthy!

Show Details:

1:07 – Facebook Live Q&A with Dr. Jay at 6pm PST every Tuesday!
1:38 – Reading Ingredients on Labels
3:15 – Investing in Good Food
5:44 – Let’s Talk About Normal Poop!
7:40 – Psyllium Husk
8:40 – Sources of GI Tract Issues
7:15 – Concepts to Follow for a Healthy GI Tract
20:06 – Inflammation
22:22 – Question from Listener about Salads and Upset Stomach
23:20 – Vegetables High in Insoluble Fiber
24:46 – Vegetables High in Soluble Fiber and Lower in Insoluble Fiber
26:03 – Don’t Stop the Excretion
27:30 – Effects of Ingesting Bismuth
28:38 – Chronic Lyme Disease Summit #2 – June 19th-26th –

Previous Podcast on Constipation and Probiotics:



  1. Fantastic info – so clear and sooo helpful! I am thrilled to have found you via the THYROID SUMMIT! I AM reading all your articles and listening to your Podcasts ever since. I am having HASHIMOTO since probably 30 years and have always been told by my thyroid “specialists” that there was nothing I could do – it were irreversible. Now off GLUTEN the first time ever – snd slready sfter 3 days the brainfog didaüpeared – more concentration and memory returning – can’ t wait till I detox!! I am committed to heal my Thyroid, my gut and with that, my teeth and gain my clarity back. I will order your detox at my next €€ coming in!
    Thank you for all this info!!

  2. I truly enjoyed your video about got health. I am seriously suffering from it so I’m going to try the things that you recommended, along with juicing! I did use for a while and it certainly helped my Gut,,,,What are your thoughts of juicing?

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