I’m getting the podcast going again and decided to discuss Functional Medicine, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency. Let me know what your thoughts are! Am I off my rocker or do you have similar thoughts?

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Dangers of CRISPER

Post Office Not Government Owned

Country Voting on the Blockchain

IBM building blockchain for Walmart

Walmart awarded patent for blockchain

Amazon filing patent for blockchain

Goldman Sachs purchases crypto exchange

New York Stock Exchange on trading platform

Garden of Life purchased

Healthcare on the blockchain

Complementary medicine usage statistics




  1. Very interesting! I agree–I don’t think you’re off your rocker. I read a blog a week or so ago from a financial person who was basically saying the same thing. God bless your work!

  2. Hi Dr. Jay,
    I’m glad to see you and your family are doing well in California. I very much enjoy following your podcasts. I am a previous patient of yours from Milwaukee. I would like to let you know that your podcast on Functional Medicine, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency was spot-on and timely. I’ve been personally studying the subject of Economic and Geopolitical cycles since the crisis (averted) in 2009, and how they repeat through history in order to understand what actually happened in 2009, and how to position myself and family emotionally, financially and spiritually in case of a financial downturn. I’ve been following the subject of Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain for a couple of years now and have been purchasing, trading and investing in them for almost as long. I firmly believe as you had eluded to that we are at a watershed moment in history technologically speaking. I personally try to educate family, friends and co-workers in this area as it relates to how personal finance and the greater economy affects our health and sense of well being. It would appear that Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) may very well revolutionize every aspect of the world as we currently understand it. I believe that every generation has a defining moment in history, I believe ours is now.

    Take Care!

  3. Hello Jay,
    This was excellent and I agree health, finances and relationships are all very closely knit. Health, wealth and wisdom, I will take it! Recently just heard of cryptocurrency myself via an organization called LIFE, they will be educating us in January as to how we can take advantage of this new trend. We have been very blessed by their leadership, personal and financial development tools over the past several years so I am eagerly awaiting this next piece. Thanks again for all you do I so appreciate your summits, the website and your positive perspective on life in general!
    God Bless! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Dorly Dahlke

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