TERMINOLOGY CORRECTION: To clarify for any watchers, the SCIO EDUCTOR does not conduct “electro-dermal screening” and the entrainment component is through a form of low level and safe direct current applied through the skin contacts only, not the biofeedback components.

Today I’m interviewing Gage Tarrant, an active user and educator in the field of bioenergetics. Gage, like many cutting-edge naturally-minded practitioners, uses energetic scans like the SCIO Eductor to gain information about the body’s root causes and where to focus healing. This scan measures a biofeedback stress reaction to a set of stored databases in the machine, analyzing voltage, amperage, resistance, oxygenation, ph factors, electrical and hydration factors, and more. In today’s chronic illness world, many are finding that treating only the physical symptoms, through supplements, herbs, and sometimes pill, isn’t enough. This is why people are turning to energetic healing and body scans for further information and support in the healing journey.

Have you ever used biofeedback or energetic scans? I’d love to hear more about your experience in the comments! Are you a believer or skeptic?

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00:00:28: About Gage and her background

00:02:33: What is biofeedback and what does it measure?

00:05:06: What is a signature in bioenergetics?

00:11:28: Tri-vector of analysis: voltage, amperage, resistance

00:13:52: Parts of the machine and how it works

00:14:26: How Dr. Jay has used the SCIO for his daughter

00:17:01: Homeopathy and the subsconscious

00:18:25: Inventor of the SCIO and how it began

00:20:47: The electrical level of your body and reactivity

00:23:35: Counseling and therapy: validation and non-judgment

00:28:02: www.MindNRG.org

00:30:39: What to expect during a scan

00:35:30: Typical session length and findings

00:38:41: Biofeedback, drainage, and pathways of elimination

00:40:48: Personal treatment examples and reactions

00:43:23: Miami conference May 1-5: More information

Visit Gage’s Website

Training and Education

May Seminar Training

Toll-free number: 800 831-2398


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  1. Awesome talk. I’ve seen the an energetic device work on my daughter and heal from Lyme. I bought one (and it was expensive investment 30k), got trained in Level 1 and 2 and treated her myself. So many things failed us–we tried everything but this device worked!

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