Geoengineering, also known as climate intervention, involves manipulation of the earth’s environment, air, weather, ocean, sunlight, or other aspects through techniques like Solar Radiation Management, Ocean Fertilization, and Enhanced Weathering. In the past, some have believed it to be something only conspiracy theorists discuss, but did you know that geoengineering (and its severe consequences) was the entire topic of discussion during the recent Rhode Island general assembly in January of 2017? It’s becoming more mainstream, and there’s good reason for the general public to be concerned.

In this podcast, I discuss how manipulation of the earth’s environment might directly affect our own internal environment, making it a hospitable place for pathogens, parasites, and candida to flourish. This is just one reason why detoxification is so important.

What are your thoughts on geoengineering? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Very interesting podcast and links. I’ve read through the Rhode Island document and it seems that the intent of this act was to put legislation in place to regulate all Geoengineering activity and ensure any person (as defined in the act) takes out a license to engage in this activity. What I’m wondering is how many licenses or permits have been issued since this act was passed and how frequent this activity is occurring in that state?

    • If you want questions answered and to see official government documentation on GeoEngineering, go to Dane Wigington’s site is a must see for anyone who is concerned about the toxic air we have been breathing for many years!

  2. I have been noticing these changes in the environment and weather for years. I live in the mid-elevation desert of Southeast Arizona. Under normal circumstances it is a difficult or harsh environment because of low rainfall. However, in the past decade, I have seen species of birds disappear from the area. The bee population is all but gone. Those bees that still show up in the area appear “drunk” or weak. Even the coyotes and predatory bird population is dwindling. For however many hundreds of years, it was common to see annual migrations of bat species migrating into the Tucson area fro Mexico. People here used to have bat watching parties. Not this year! No bats this year…not just one specie has gone; but there are generally 3 species that used to show up and none have shown up this year.

    The weather in Arizona has been gradually changing. Chronic drought is the “new normal”. I’ve lived here since 1976; and have never seen such disruptions in the seasonal monsoons. For several years, now, some people cal it the “non-soon” season. With an arid, marginal climate, every living thing here has depended on the summer rains (for millennia ?) But in recent years, the rains seem to be drying up…..only to be replaced by horrendous high temperatures.

    My question is: who is doing the spraying, cloud seeding, etc ? Who is altering the environment and what can be done to stop it? It is alarming.

    • This conspiracy can only remain if we let it. It’s our responsibility to talk about this with as many people as possible. Don’t “let it go”!

  3. Thank you for your courage to share boldly this truth!!! People need to wake up! I already sensed this was a connection to my candida. I have 6 heavy metals in my body at extreme levels and will need chelation. Yep! Time to wake up!

  4. Well said, Dr. J. Please keep addressing geoengineering of our atmosphere. So many people are unaware of the way it’s negatively impacting our environment. I live in Illinois and I am seeing what I believe to be negative effects with insects, fungus and mold. Humidity levels are oppressive. The sky is full of chem-trails daily. Please continue sharing your concern to wake up and educate people.

  5. THANK YOU Dr Jay for exposing the truth of many of these deadly health issues!
    This is excellent to hear your presentation for anyone that has not been introduced to what the toxic spraying of the skies is doing to the planet and the human and animal population.
    Further documented information can be found at for anyone that wants to learn more.Thank you and bless you for your speaking up!

  6. Excellent Podcast as usual. It is a shame that the majority do not understand what is going on with weather modification and where it is leading. As Sheila stated another good place to visit and learn more is Thank you for caring …thank you for being a healer. Personally you have been a blessing to me and my hubby….would still be bedridden …and possibly dead by now if it had not been for your coaching.

  7. You are my hero Dr. Davidson, along with Dane Wigington of This is info everyone must educate themselves on, and I appreciate your passion and being able to put it all together in a presentation even the skeptics can not dismiss. Nothing short of excellent!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. I have been following geoengineering very closely for the past year and its so maddening to see it in the sky almost every day and not be able to do anything about it. I have been posting fliers and mentioning it to all of my coworkers and most people have no idea what I am talking about. I also posted pictures and a comment on my local telluride, co facebook page and literally 1 person out of 30ish comments knew what I was talking about and the rest all made fun of me and called me crazy. we have to get the word out there! I also have chronic candida which is how I came across this article. I have done hair testing and the only heavy metal that comes up is aluminum which is sprayed in large quanities in geoengineering. hopefully we can wake up before its too late!

  9. Not only are they spraying us “like bugs” with all the dangerous metals and chemicals… which by the way have nothing to do with protecting the Earth, but “They” have proposed using this method for mass vaccination especially in the light that so many do not want to vaccinate. That’s a scary thought. But this technology and method is coming from the Anti-humanist people, also known as Eugenicist, who believe they must eliminate the majority of the world’s population. So there is a very sinister plan behind the Geoengineering program. President Trump was informed about this evil plan by a former General who is on the board of the Geo-engineeringwatch board. As of 9/9/19, nothing has been stopped. We in Northern Arizona are sprayed on a daily basis and many of us have lost our dogs and other animals or become quite ill. They seem to spray substances that attack the immune system. Our mature German Shepherd died within months of a heavy spray week. My husband and I became very ill as well. Our other German Shepherd with an Auto-Immune disease called Pannus, was in a remarkable recovery, through Chinese Herbs and other remedies, suddenly went completely blind after that week. We have also found we can no longer grow organic vegetables that we once grew easily. So there are many more consequences of this spraying. I have heard that the atmosphere is now 35% darker! That is also very scary! Firemen during those California fires said that they had never seen anything like those fires. The trees would actually explode! Why? Because they are covered with volatile chemicals. Another planned attack on humanity! Thank you Dr. Davidson for being brave enough to talk about this. Most Doctors avoid the subject. I say brave, because as you know many Alternative Doctors have mysteriously died when discussing vaccines, cures for Autism and this aerial spraying. Thank you for your GREAT work!

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