Join me as I interview the Diabetes Coach, Dr. Brian Mowll. We talk about blood sugar and how it effects the immune system and chronic illness. Dr. Mowll also dives into his dietary recommendations and gives other helpful health tips.

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Show Notes:

1:32 – Dr. Brian Mowll’s Background
2:05 – Functional Medicine
2:45 – Types of Diabetes
4:40 – Factors Leading to Blood Sugar Issues and Metabolic Dysfunction
6:15 – Type 1 Diabetes
7:00 – Type 2 Diabetes
8:20 – Ketosis and Other Dietary Factors
10:00 – Liver & Mitochondria
11:00 – Dr. Brian’s Thoughts on “What The Health”
13:35 – Dr. Brian’s Thoughts on Following a Low Carbohydrate Diet
17:00 – Blood Sugar Dysfunction and the Immune System
21:15 – Blood Sugar & Insulin Levels
23:10 – Negative Effects of High Blood Sugar Levels
24:22 – Fasting Insulin Testing
25:00 – Hemoglobin A1C Level (HgB A1C)
25:38 – Glycation
29:00 – Blood Sugar & Chronic Illness such as Lyme Disease & Epstein Barr Virus
31:00 – Parasites & Blood Sugar
33:12 – To Contact Dr. Brian Mowll:
33:40 – Dr. Mowll’s Number One Piece of Health Advice


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  1. I wonder about the differences in men and women with blood sugar. It seems like more women get low blood sugar, and have a harder time with fasting. In general, I think science is still thinking that studies can be generalized to both sexes, and I suspect that isn’t true. Hormonal systems, etc are very different.

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