Today I  meet with Dr. Patrick Porter, the creator of BrainTap, a guided meditation app that can be paired with a BrainTap device or your own headphones. Dr. Porter dives into brain waves and frequencies, explaining how and why the BrainTap works. Click the banner below to try the BrainTap app for FREE thanks to Dr. Porter, all you need is a pair of headphones. If you want the full-on BrainTap headset Click Here!

A full list of the audio content is available for you to look at HERE – BrainTap – List of Audio Sessions.

Show Details:

1:11 – Dr. Patrick Porter’s background
1:50 – Brain Frequency
3:45 – Brain Wave States
9:50 – BrainTap Meditation Programs & Sessions
11:00 – How BrainTap Changes Your Brain Waves
16:45 – How Quickly It Takes to Take Someone to “Awake” To “Sleep”
18:50 – How to Wear the BrainTap Headset
19:13 – Hemisphere Training Within The Brain
19:50 – Vibration in the BrainTap
22:35 – Binaural Beats
23:45 – How Often to Use the BrainTap
24:55 – BrainTap and Bluelight
27:20 – How to Get Try the BrainTap
28:16 – What is Available in the BrainTap Library
30:45 – Measuring Your Breathing

Demonstrating the New BrainTap headset:

How to Download the BrainTap App to Your Device:

How to Use the Streaming Button on the BrainTap App:

How to Use the Save Sessions Button on the BrainTap App:

Opening up the new BrainTap system by PorterVision:



  1. I finished with my free trial. I cant seem to find anywhere on the app where i can subscribe? On line the only brain tap subscription i can find has a different looking headset and the logo on the headset is different…Please help i cant live without my brain tap it has completely changed my life. Thank you Lacy Berg

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