Join me (Dr. Jay Davidson) as I interview fellow chiropractor, Dr. Hank Williams, about his own personal health journey and how he became an expert in kidney and autoimmune disease. Despite being on dialysis himself, Hank chooses to live his life to the fullest and maintains an extremely active and healthy lifestyle.

UPDATE: Since this interview, Hank has received a kidney and is doing well!

Show Details:

1:30 – Dr. Hank Williams’s Story
10:10 – Mindset
11:55 – Type 2 Diabetes
12:45 – Dr. Hank Williams’s Specialty: Kidney, Blood Sugar, Diabetes, Autoimmune
14:10 – Drainage
15:55 – Hank’s Recommended Kidney Formulas and Homeopathics
17:45 – Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Issues
20:25 – Constipation with Kidney Issues
21:30 – Gut & The Microbiome
24:15 – Skin
25:30 – Lyme Disease
29:20 – Rotation of Products
31:10 – Pre-Diabetics
34:00 – Chronic Lyme Disease & Blood Sugar Dysregulation
36:10 – Signs and Symptoms of Blood Sugar Imbalances
38:00 – Dr. Hank Williams’s Final Words of Wisdom


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  1. Im very interested in your Lymes coaching as our daughter was/has been diagnosed with Lymes with coinfections. Im currently being treated by Dr Hank for a liver issue, i also have a coinfection of Lymes and not sure how i got it? My question is about the mental issues we have had to deal with. she had the extreme noise intolerance and very sensitive to EMF’s, we brought her back from MA. a year ago and she is doing much better with Dr Hank & Dr Kaslow along with the new therapy of the Ampcoil. Do you have a certain protocol you use?

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