Join me as I interview Robby Besner, the founder of Therasage. In this interview, we discuss the benefits of Infrared saunas, and other products, and how you can add them to your journey of healing and healthy living.

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Show Details:

1:40 – The History of Therasage
15:09 – What is Infrared?
17:07 – Who uses Infrared?
20:45 – The Benefit of Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas
24:30 – The Benefits of a Portable Sauna vs Wooden Sauna
30:22 – Hydration and Sweating
33:08 – Walk Through of a Therasage Sauna
35:00 – Thera360
36:00 – Recommendations for Starting Out
42:55 – Infrared Makes Water More Bio-Available
44:15 – What Heats the Thera360

Want more information about Infrared Technology?
CLICK HERE to read “10 Benefits of Infrared Saunas and Heating Pads”



  1. SWEET! Wow, I was considering a Sunlighten ™ sauna until I saw your amazing sauna. Wow!
    Thanks for sharing this opportunity.

  2. Thank you for sharing this wealth of truth and wisdom . You answered so many questions I have had on the topic of sauna. I will look forward to the next interview .

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