Everyone is constantly posting the positive things in their life to social media (Facebook, Instagram), this can make you feel like everyone’s life is always filled with only awesome positive things. This isn’t true so don’t base your life and happiness around it! In this show I talk about your mindset, keeping positive thoughts and focusing on the future not the past!

Show Details –

0:54 – December
2:34 – Behind the Facebook glory
4:37 – Space Cadet – forgetting things
7:56 – Triggers – Blink 182
13:22 – Perspective shifts
14:43 – Brain and its importance
15:38 – My past, how has it guided me?
21:55 – Resources for you to use –
How To Stop Worrying and Start Living
Positive Intelligence
Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It
The Big Fat Surprise
25:38 – Favorite Food Reads
27:42 – Calming technique
31:52 – The reality of how you’re health will increase
33:44 – You are not your past