Join me as I talk to Dr. Brad Gorski about his personal autoimmune struggle and how he prevented permanent damage after a stroke at the age of 27. Brad also shares with us some of his daily efforts, including grounding, intermittent fasting and the consumption of apple cider vinegar before meals.

Show Details:

0:52 – Brad’s story
4:46 – Health signs to watch
7:58 – Intermittent fasting
9:20 – Dr. Jockers Podcast Here
9:30 – Finding the real problem with Brad’s health
11:50 – Brad’s genetics made him susceptible to mold
13:03 – Diagnosing autoimmune issues
14:00 – Things to help keep your blood thin
18:36 – Symptoms of a health crash
20:32 – Brad’s tools to heal his brain
21:08 – Hyperbaric Chamber after stroke
27:10 –


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