Today I’m interviewing Dr. Joel Wade about mindset and relationship tips, especially for those dealing with chronic illness. We’re covering how to maintain playfulness and curiosity with your spouse despite ongoing struggles with sickness. Being present in the moment and thinking positively and mindfully can help you through some really difficult and dark times. Dr. Wade shares from his counseling one easy way he can tell if a couple’s relationship is going to succeed in the face of all obstacles, so be sure not to miss that tip. Just remember, you are not your disease or your illness–you are so much more complex and valuable.

Do you have any relationship advice that has really helped you maintain a positive relationship with your spouse, friends, and family while healing from Lyme disease and other pathogens and toxins? Let me know in the comments!

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00:00:26: About Dr. Joel Wade

00:01:14: Maintaining wellbeing when the world looks bleak

00:03:39: Breaking a rumination cycle

00:05:15: What type of thinking is worse than smoking

00:05:49: Finding control and your power

00:08:24: Dr. Wade’s personal example of responding to adversity

00:11:09: Dr. John Demartini and the Breakthrough Experience

00:12:15: Empathy and Connection

00:14:35: Three qualities to a happy relationship

00:18:53: The Purpose Driven Life

00:21:26: Communication in a strong and healthy marriage

00:27:36: Help your heart health and immune system with this mindset tip

00:32:17: Freewill and control when chronically ill

00:35:05: Breaking through isolation and fear with Lyme disease

00:39:30: Final words of wisdom

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  1. Hi, I have had Lyme for possibly fifteen years. I experience muscle and tendon pain, Extreme insomnia, brain fog, and adrenal fatigue. I’ve done many programs but never a parasite cleanse. my wife has experienced numbness in both feet and right hand as well as some form of personality disorder (she wont admit anything is wrong with her). Is the parasite cleanse the first place I should try?

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