In today’s podcast, I interview the Solus founder and CEO, Ariel Huskins. What you would think if I told you could work out for six minutes, once a week, and see major muscle-building results? Seems impossible, right? With Automated Resistance Training, this could very well be true. I recently tried out the technology myself with my good friend, Dr. David Jockers, so after you’re done listening to the podcast, be sure to check out our demonstration video to get a better idea about how this technology works.

What do you think: Does it sound way too good to be true? Is it just another machine that will sit in our basements collecting dust (think Bowflex and NordicTrack)? Or is this worth looking into, either as physical therapy, recovering from chronic illness, body building, or hacking your workout routine and saving time? Let me know in the comments.

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00:02:56: Background on Solus technology

00:04:15: Eccentric vs. concentric movement

00:08:09: EON machine technology for physical therapists

00:10:02: Why you can workout less with Automated Resistance Training

00:16:04: Screen feedback data to compare with previous sessions

00:21:13: Buying, training, and setup of your Solus

00:22:11: From people with chronic illness to body builders: who can use the technology

00:26:39: Visual indication for muscle fatigue

00:30:14: Adding mass vs. building strength

00:32:59: HIPAA compliance for practitioners who use the machines

00:37:19: Can kids use this?

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  1. I actually would not suggest trusting this person who is selling this equipment! I have done a little research on the company Outstrip, and she is actually in a lawsuit with another company called ARX. It looks like ARX has sued her for a number of concerning reasons. If you look back at the dates in which this company was born, and compare it to previous dates of videos made by ARX, you will see that she is a straight up copy cat, and nothing more to say the least. Be careful who you trust these days!

    • Hi Mary, I actually think it’s the opposite of what you believe. To my knowledge, the original brains (originator) of the technology started ARX and got into some disagreements with the business decisions of the partners and overcharging that was happening and left the company. He then partnered and started Outstrip, further advancing the technology. The originator of ARX is the brains behind Outstrip.
      This is just my understanding.
      Dr. Jay

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