Water Filtration

Water Structuring (Physics):
Whole House Water Structuring Device
Portable Water Structuring Device
Water bottle

Water Filtration (Chemistry):
Whole House Filtration

Infrared Pads and Saunas

Infrared Heating Pad:
Therasage Mini
-Use DRJAY code for an extra 5% off

Portable Infrared Sauna:
Thera360 by Therasage

Air Filtration

Air Filter Recommendation:
Austin Air (low EMF/EMR filter)

Air Purifier Recommendation:
Air Oasis (low EMF/EMR purifier)

EMR/EMF Protection

Mobile phone shielding: 
Hedron EMF Protection

Organic Skin Care

Annemarie Skin Care

Health Food

Thrive Market Online (online, to-your-door, health foods)


Favorite Parasite Cleansing Tools:
Mimosa Pudica by Microbe Formulas
Formula 1 by Microbe Formulas

Drainage Tools:
Kidney & Liver Detox
Lymphatic Detox
Tudca – take one capsule with a meal (up to two times a day)

Mold Binder and Ammonia Drainer:
Bioactive Carbon BioTox by Microbe Formulas

Heavy Metal Binder:
BioActive Carbon MetChem by Microbe Formulas

Best Bowel Movers:
Intestinal Mover by Microbe Formulas

Virus, Retrovirus, Radiation, and Chemical Support:
BioActive Carbon Foundation by Microbe Formulas

Oxygenate the Body:
BioMolecular Oxygen by Microbe Formulas

Thryoid and Detox Support:
BioActive Carbon Iodine by Microbe Formulas