Join me as I interview Dr. Tom Moorcroft who previously served on the board of directors and continues to serve on several committees of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS). Tom and I discuss how to handle a Lyme disease diagnosis from mindset to detox, gut health and much more!

Show Details:

0:52 – Dr. Tom’s background
2:10 – ILADS stand on Lyme
3:45 –
4:00 – How Dr. Tom got into the Lyme world
8:24 – How to handle a Lyme disease diagnosis
12:55 – What distinguishes Lyme from other infections
16:35 – Why do some people with Lyme suffer more than others?
19:10 – Fix your mindset to fix your health
20:40 – Why gut health is important
22:38 – Other steps to fight acute disease
25:12 – Basic detoxification tips
34:56 – for brain draining
35:40 – Tips for draining the brain


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  1. Dr Jay, & Dr Tom,
    Thank you both for an informative and encouraging podcast/discussion. It’s like, what your sharing is common sense, or should be. I appreciate your humility, your obvious deep concern for people, and your willingness and ability to share in laymen terms. I will share this podcast with others and look forward to learning more… Luke

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