Join me as I interview Dr. Tom Moorcroft who previously served on the board of directors and continues to serve on several committees of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS). Tom and I discuss how to handle a Lyme disease diagnosis from mindset to detox, gut health and much more!

Show Details:

0:52 – Dr. Tom’s background
2:10 – ILADS stand on Lyme
3:45 –
4:00 – How Dr. Tom got into the Lyme world
8:24 – How to handle a Lyme disease diagnosis
12:55 – What distinguishes Lyme from other infections
16:35 – Why do some people with Lyme suffer more than others?
19:10 – Fix your mindset to fix your health
20:40 – Why gut health is important
22:38 – Other steps to fight acute disease
25:12 – Basic detoxification tips
34:56 – for brain draining
35:40 – Tips for draining the brain



  1. Dr Jay, & Dr Tom,
    Thank you both for an informative and encouraging podcast/discussion. It’s like, what your sharing is common sense, or should be. I appreciate your humility, your obvious deep concern for people, and your willingness and ability to share in laymen terms. I will share this podcast with others and look forward to learning more… Luke

  2. Wow! Thank you for this incredibly informative podcast. And all your dedication in your research and development to helping us ! I am so grateful! Bless you both

  3. Pivotal podcast! I successfully (clinically and spiritually) recovered from a decade long Lyme infection in 2013. I was treated by Dr. Warren Levin in Vienna, VA., an ILADS member. I enjoyed 6 years of reborn health following. A year and a half ago, I was re-infected with a new Lyme infection which presented the classic bullseye rash. I have been in denial about it and failed to address it properly. I’ve been so downtrodden lately that I had hit emotionally rock bottom. I had a spiritual talk with my partner which lent way to a “neurological energy detox;” which has become a catalyst for me to begin self healing and seeking proper treatment. Lo and behold, this was the first piece of research I found on my day one journey and I feel like the universe just blessed me. Thank you. I am grateful in the most relieving way I could’ve hoped for.

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