Join me (Dr. Jay Davidson) as I interview Dr. Kenneth Stoller MD, a health professional with over 30 years of experience under his belt. We discuss how the medical system was designed to work, why it does not work, and how the medical system should really funciton. We also dive into Lyme Disease, statistics and treatments!

Show Details:

0:50 – Dr. Kenneth Stoller’s 30 year professional health journey
2:43 – How the current medical system was designed to work
4:58 – Problems with the current medical system
7:47 – Brain conditions and Lyme Disease
9:51 – Lyme Disease and its lack of exposure
14:21 – Hyperbaric chamber – non invasive treatment method
15:55 – Dr. Kenneth Stoller’s hyperbaric chamber vs standard chambers
18:40 – Conditions that mimic Lyme Disease
19:44 – Dr. Kenneth Stoller’s book “Incurable Me”
26:50 – Lyme Disease Vaccine Model Fail
30:04 – Getting rid of Lyme Disease
31:39 – Problems with testing for Lyme
44:03 – Incurable Me book on
44:14 –
44:19 –