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5 Steps to Restoring Health Protocol

Dr. Jay’s NEW Book:
How to Fix Lyme: 3 Secrets to Improve Any Lyme Disease Treatment


Favorite Parasite Cleansing Tools:
Mimosa Pudica by Microbe Formulas
Formula 1 by Microbe Formulas

Drainage Tools:
Kidney & Liver Detox
Lymphatic Detox
Tudca – take one capsule with a meal (up to two times a day)

Mold Binder and Ammonia Drainer:
Bioactive Carbon BioTox by Microbe Formulas

Heavy Metal Binder:
BioActive Carbon MetChem by Microbe Formulas

Best Bowel Movers:
Intestinal Mover by Microbe Formulas

Virus, Retrovirus, Radiation, and Chemical Support:
BioActive Carbon Foundation by Microbe Formulas

Oxygenate the Body:
BioMolecular Oxygen by Microbe Formulas

Thryoid and Detox Support:
BioActive Carbon Iodine by Microbe Formulas

Water Filtration

Water Structuring (Physics):
Whole House Water Structuring Device
Portable Water Structuring Device
Water bottle

Water Filtration (Chemistry):
Whole House Filtration

Coffee Enemas

Coffee Enema Kits:
Bucket style kit
Bag style kit
Optional rubber hose attachment

Coffee for Enemas:
PureLife Enema Coffee – 1 lb – Organic
Wilson’s Gold Roast Enema Coffee – 1 lb – Organic
Aussie Health Co. Enema Coffee – 1 lb – Organic
Purity Coffee – 12 oz bags – Organic

Infrared Pads and Saunas

Infrared Heating Pad:
Therasage Mini
-Use DRJAY code for an extra 5% off

Portable Infrared Sauna:
Thera360 by Therasage

Air Filtration

Air Filter Recommendation:
Austin Air (low EMF/EMR filter)

Air Purifier Recommendation:
Air Oasis (low EMF/EMR purifier)

EMR/EMF Protection

Mobile phone shielding: 
Hedron EMF Protection

Health Food

Thrive Market Online (online, to-your-door, health foods)

Organic Skin Care

Annemarie Skin Care


Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 3

The Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 3 brings us more knowledge on Lyme from experts like Dietrich Klinghardt, David Jockers, Byron White, Kent Holtof, Sarah Ballantyne, and many others. With this link, you can purchase Lyme Summit 3 or upgrade to add Lyme Summit 1 and 2.

The Parasite Summit

Join Dr. Jay as he hosts and interviews over 30 experts on the new and upcoming topic of parasites in the human body. Parasites are only seen as a problem in other countries but the truth is, millions of people are plagued with parasites all over the world, even right here in America! Learn how to take action now with this incredible summit!